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The Warrior Jewelry Collection

Jewelry from the Warrior Collection will be COMING SOON!

 The Warrior Collection represents both a shield of protection and badge of honor of being resilient, tenacious, and brave by tackling your mental health head on and making your mental wellness top priority.

I'm so proud and in love with The Warrior Collection stands for.
It represents so many people I admire and many of whom I have never even met in for real life but whose stories I deeply empathize with.
But, in it all, we all share a connection from wounds whose scars are now accepted representatives of growth from healing. 
There are so many warriors among us. 

My hope is that when you find yourself in a trial that you surround yourself with those who have worn the hat, because they are the ones who will stand through the battles and the storms and the hurts alongside you. 

Because they get it. 
They are the Warriors.
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