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New Bronze "VOTE" Bracelets

Supporting the  League of Women Voters

Customer Love

Social Impact and K Kay Designs

I am not in business just to earn a living.  

I am in business to give to organizations I am passionate about, that help make this world a better place. 

When you purchase jewelry from me,  you're making a difference for your fellow humans.

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Caring for your jewelry

I want your jewelry to maintain it's beauty and last a long time! 

Different metals and finishes need individualized care.

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Sustainable Eco-friendly jewelry

Turning metal and gemstones into meaningful jewelry and sharing their stories is like making magic to me!

I use sustainable sources for the jewelry I create.  

That means you can feel confident knowing your jewelry is made from recycled metal, socially conscience gemstones, and not supporting suppliers with unfair working conditions.

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my promise to you

I love what I do, and I want you to love the jewelry I create for you!  

I'm a human with two hands making jewelry. 

I stand behind the quality of my jewelry and will use all my super powers to make sure you're satisfied with your purchase!

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