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Social Impact

K Kay Designs is a purpose driven brand with a passion for social good.  

It is a value of my brand to give to others and to organizations that support, nurture, encourage, cheer on, advocate and care for people who are hurting.

I have a passion to end the stigma surrounding mental health so these hurting people can have conversations with people they trust and more easily find the resources available to get the help they deserve.

I feel called to share my knowledge, my voice, and my finances from K Kay Designs jewelry profits to causes that are resources for these people, and to start conversations to bring awareness to mental health / wellness and other causes that I am passionate about.


I will be updating this page as partnerships are formed.

If you are part of one of these orgs, please reach out to me to talk about collaborations.





Spring of 2020 is going to be huge as I officially launch a product that has been in the works for more than three years.  

It's a passion project with a big giveback!

It's going to take a village of fellow passionate humans with a desire to end the stigma on mental health to help get the word out!

In order to make a big impact, I'm looking for people who are willing to offer their professional skills to make as big of a splash as possible for this campaign! 

If this sounds like you, please reach out to me with a subject line of "Passion Project Spring 2020" to learn more.


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