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Signature 14K Yellow Gold-Filled Skinny Cross Necklace

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Inspired by:


Designed more than 15 years ago, this delicate whimsical, long skinny cross necklace was one of the first pieces I made and sold for the K Kay Designs collection upon striking out on my own as a new jewelry designer.

Each 14K Yellow Gold-Filled Skinny Cross pendant is handmade in my MN studio from recycled metal.

I was back in school as a single mom following my dream to become a metalsmith/jewelry designer and I was fresh in my new found faith. 

It seemed nearly everything I made in class was based on a cross! 

I was simultaneously terrified of starting over in a new industry, working and going back to school AND exhilarated that the time had finally arrived to follow my dream.  

As a new Jesus lover, and with all life was throwing my way at that time, it sure makes sense that this has been my top seller.  My signature piece. 

Because He always takes care of us.

This Skinny Cross Necklace has been a symbol of surrender and comfort over the years for me and humbly, many many others. 


I'm pretty sure the cross Jesus hung on was not pretty and perfect. 

Neither is this necklace.  It's a little beat up and not perfectly straight. 

But it's perfect in its own way and what it represents to so many of us.


I wanted a pretty little element to the necklace for a bail to hang from the chain and for some reason laid the sterling silver bead ring flat as you see in this picture.  

Someone saw it and said, oh I get it.... it's the crown of thorns! And then it all made sense.  I didn't even know what I had created.  How cool is that?

 This is how a lot of K Kay Designs jewelry is designed and made.  

I get a vision, I make the jewelry and usually get a meaning after.

Probably not the most conventional way to design jewelry, but, it sure makes me grateful and awestruck quite often.

He always shows up in the best ways.


Wear this 14K Yellow Gold-Filled Skinny Necklace as a symbol of strength, peace, and gratitude that you are never ever alone, and that you are loved so much that someone was willing to be sacrificed on a cross for you.



2” long 14K Yellow Gold-Filled Cross Pendant

16” Sterling Silver Chain.

* Please specify if you prefer an 18” sterling silver chain instead of 16” 

*also available in sterling silver

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