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Hidden Reminder Ring

Product image 1Hidden Reminder Ring - K Kay Designs
Product image 2Hidden Reminder Ring - K Kay Designs
Product image 3Hidden Reminder Ring - K Kay Designs
Product image 4Hidden Reminder Ring - K Kay Designs
Product image 5Hidden Reminder Ring - K Kay Designs
Product image 6Hidden Reminder Ring - K Kay Designs

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Inspired by:

 Life Reminders

This sterling silver ring is a play on “tie a string around your pointer finger” so you don’t forget something from back in my youth…. except way prettier!   

OR, as a alternative to getting that tattoo on your wrist because you’re too chicken.


When you put it on your finger, only you will see the message.
Wear it solo on your finger or along with your other stack rings.


The message is stamped on a raised surface of the side of the ring so you’ll always have a birds eye view of your hidden reminder!


What’s that thing you need to remember?

No, not, to pick up dog food, but, something you’re really working on because it makes you a better person, it helps remind you of your importance, of your power, of your healing, of your strength?


Some of my favorite Hidden Reminder Ring messages:

  • DON’T SHOULD …..  we don’t need to tell anyone what they should do nor anyone tell us what we should do. DON’T SHOULD on yourself or      anyone else.
  • WITH LOVE ….. are you doing that thing from a place of love? WITH LOVE?
  • YOU CAN ….. really.  YOU CAN.
  • AUTHENTICITY …… just be you and ditch the imposter syndrome fear. When you live in AUTHENTICITY, you live in truth.
  • SURRENDER ….. sorry to break it to you, but, you’re not in control of everything and you’re incapable of perfection.  SURRENDER and let go.
  • WITH PURPOSE ….. because it’s meaningful. Because it matters. Do it/ say it/ be it WITH PURPOSE.
  • IN PROGRESS …. we’re all works IN PROGRESS.  We can never reach the finish line in this lifetime so don’t give yourself unrealistic                 expectations.
  • WARRIOR …. because you fought the battles both seen and unseen, mentally and physically, in silence and out loud, Because you do the hard    work even when it sucks.  Because there is no other option.  You are a WARRIOR.
  • WORTHY …. it doesn’t matter what anyone else has told you in your past or what you tell yourself, you are WORTHY because we’re all the    same.
  • NOT ALONE ….. even when it might feel like it, even when you might isolate yourself, you are NOT ALONE.  There is always someone there     and if you can’t find them on your own, I’ll help you find them.
  • SIMPLY ENOUGH …. guess what? You were made the way you’re suppose to be made! So, stop trying to be something you’re not because       you’re SIMPLY ENOUGH.
  • LET GO …. again with the control stuff.  You’re not in control.  You don’t have to own it all.  You don’t have to do it all.  Just LET GO and stop       glamorizing busy.
  • REMEMBER WHY ….. why did you start the big project / thing / mission? Because your’e passionate about it.  Because you’re making a     difference.  Because you’re a world changer.  REMEMBER WHY you started when you feel like giving up.
  • STRONGER … because you finished the chemo, you left the abuse, you got help, you confronted a wrong, you were at your lowest   point. Your battle scars are proof that YOU’RE STRONGER.
  • YOU MATTER …. you didn’t get made to not matter.  You’re here for a reason.  You have a purpose.  You have a gift.  YOU MATTER.
  • NEVER FAR …. when we lose someone we love, it’s so easy to dwell on the heartbreak of the loss of their presence. But, I believe that if they could, they would let us know how close they still are.  That you’re not alone.  That they’re NEVER FAR away.
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