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Oxidized Sterling Silver Bow Necklace

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Inspired by:


Resembling the shape of a bow, this modern oxidized Sterling Silver necklace with my signature wood-grain texture celebrates the times you’ve hit your mark—whether it be receiving a well-deserved promotion at work or just getting the kids to school on time!

THAT is cause for celebration, and YOU deserve to be rewarded!

I believe in celebrating the small victories in life! Some are hidden away in the quiet of our soul, but we know what they are and what they represent.

I love the idea of symbolism and wearing a piece of jewelry that represents a milestone, celebration, or life change that might only be known to you. BUT, it also can invoke meaningful conversation when someone complements your jewelry and you decide to share the meaning behind it.


One of my favorite features of this necklace is the hidden attachment behind the bow charm.  The 16" long chain connects through the back to create illusion of it floating behind the charm.


Take your pick:

It’s available in a cool oxidized black sterling silver, classic sterling silver, and 14K gold-filled.  

** Please note. The black oxidation on this sterling silver necklace is not permanent. It will rub off with wear to an antique looking finish. **



Charm approximately 1.5” long

Overall necklace length approximately 16"

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