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14K Yellow Gold-Filled “Choices” Square Layering Necklace

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Inspired By:


Life is full of many forks in the road.

The simple, 14K Yellow Gold-Filled square shape is a pretty little symbol to remind you of each time you make a choice and turn a new corner. 

The wavy hammered texture in the charm represents the many times the roads we travel on in life are perfectly uneven and bumpy.

Regardless of the path you choose, it makes you, you.

Nobody else gets to live your life. Make it beautiful!

So, celebrate each corner turned without regrets! You made the best choice at the time given the info you had! Don't look back.


Mix and match! 

Just like many of the necklaces in the K Kay Designs Classics Collection, this necklace is a great staple everyday piece that can be added to with longer necklaces to add a little more dimension, and perhaps mixed metals to your style, while still maintaining that minimalist look.

The modern hippie.

Take the guess work out of the "what to wear" syndrome knowing you already have a great baseline to start with! 

I mean, who else hates starting their day overthinking??

 Each necklace will look a little different as they are individually handmade from recycled metal in my MN studio.


14K Yellow Gold-Filled cable chain is 15” long; sits at the nape of the neck or slightly below

The 14K Yellow Gold-Filled charm measures approx. 5/8” in diameter    

*Also available in sterling silver

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